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Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Newspaper Man: Mark Tighe
During my last post on The Sunday Times' FOI request for records of politicians lobbying for barristers and solicitors to become judges, I mentioned the information released would be worthy of a blog post on its own. 

Mark Tighe, the ST journalist who broke the story, has now written one which includes copies of the six letters from the politicians involved. It should be noted that in some cases it is obvious the lawyer in question requested these representations were made on their behalf while in others politicians seems to be responding to the wishes of third parties or colleagues of the person they are acting for. 

All the representations were made by Fianna Fail politicians. They are: John McGuinness and Willie O'Dea, two serving opposition TDs, Mary Coughlan and Jim McDaid, former ministers, Tom Kitt, a former government chief whip and Gerard Collins, former minister and MEP. 

Mark Tighe's Newspaper Man post is here.

Mark Tighe also wrote a Focus article in the ST on the appointment of judges. (Subscription required)

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